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Chromotherapy Lights for Sunlighten Saunas
  • Chromotherapy Lights for Sunlighten Saunas
  • Chromotherapy Lights for Sunlighten Saunas
  • Chromotherapy Lights for Sunlighten Saunas

Chromotherapy Lights

Enjoy the healing benefits of light and color with Chromotherapy in your Sunlighten™ sauna.

Chromotherapy is the science of using colors to adjust body vibrations to frequencies that result in health and harmony. Each color possesses frequencies of a specific vibration, and each vibration is related to different physical symptoms. Chromotherapy works on various energy points to help balance your body via the full spectrum of visible light, each color of which addresses a distinct need.

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Signature Series Chromotherapy Lights
Signature I -
Signature II -
SignatureIII -
Signature IV -
mPulse Series Chromotherapy Lights
mPulse aSPIRE -
mPulse bELIEVE -
mPulse cONQUER -
mPulse dISCOVER -
mPulse eMPOWER* -



Sunlighten's Chromotherapy Light comparative advantages

Gorgeous hues: soft and gentle lighting; Almost limitless color possibilities; Remote controlled; Lights can be independently changed (Example: 2 lights in sauna = 1 light is blue and 1 light is red).

Chromotherapy Installation

Installing your Chromotherapy lights is easy - from within the sauna, you simply pull down and remove the old bulbs and plug in and replace with the new chromotherapy lights. Click here to view the Installation and User Guide.


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