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Acoustic Resonance Therapy from So Sound®

SO Sound® combines the healing effects of sound and vibration to harmonize all systems of the body bringing you to a deeper state of relaxation.

Attached at specific locations in the sauna, the SO Sound® system uses an amplified audio signal to resonate sound waves to the surface of the sauna. Listening to soothing music and feeling it resonate throughout the body stimulates the bodys natural relaxation response. It feels like light touch massage during your sauna session.

SO Sound® can be easily installed into any wooden Sunlighten sauna.

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Acoustic Resonance Therapy Small - for Signature I, II, III, IV; mPulse aSPIRE, bELIEVE, cONQUER, dISCOVER includes 2 SO SoundHearts®, 1 Custom Blaupunkt Quadraphic Wiring Harness and a SO Tunes Starter CD

Acoustic Resonance Therapy Large - for mPulse eMPOWER includes 4 SO SoundHearts®, 1 Custom Blaupunkt Quadraphic Wiring Harness and a SO Tunes Starter CD



What is the research that shows SO Sound delivers health benefits?

The is much research demonstrating the benefits of music, sound therapy and vibrational therapy. For additional information, view the following studies:
-Brain Wave Study
-NASA Study
-PTSD Study

SO Sound Installation

Installing your SO Sound is easy - most models have simple plug-ins underneath the bench. Click here to view the Installation and User Guide.


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