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Amplify Your Sauna Experience with Our Complete Line of Sauna Accessories

We offer an extensive selection of sauna accessories and equipment to make your experience even better.

1. SO Sound Acoustic Therapy - SO Sound Therapy amplifies sound waves through the benches of your sauna to harmonize all systems of your body.

2. Biofeedback Devices - Sunlighten offers the first line of biofeedback accessories - which use ANT technology to wirelessly capture & measure heart rate and calories burned, and provide access to

3. Bamboo Carbon Body Wrap - Bamboo Carbon can actually emit 91% of infrared rays, making this body wrap ideal for use withing your sauna.

maintainME Program

maintainME Program

Keep your body performing at its peak with 3 specially formulated products that PURIFY, NOURISH & REPLENISH.

mPulse Anywhere Access

Ever wish your sauna was warmed up, waiting for you after a long day? Enjoy modern convenience of the cloud with Anywhere Access.

Solopad Package

Get the best for home detoxification in a compact package. Includes Solopad & 4 Bamboo Carbon Towels

Pure Sweat

Using Pure Sweat during a sauna session can substantially improve circulation, energy, and sweating, activate slow to respond areas and accelerate warm up and recovery time for a more effective sauna session or workout...


Bamboo Carbon Towels

Naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and deodorizing, Bamboo Charcoal is also highly absorbent and can actually re-emit 90% of infrared rays...

$24 and up